There is not a single industry that has not been affected because of the pandemic.  Vehicle transport services have also incurred significant losses but with new precautionary measures in place, these services have started again. If you are looking to transport your vehicle, there are a few things you need to consider when moving vehicles during the pandemic.

1. Recheck Your Move Details: At the beginning of the pandemic, many moving industries stopped providing their services. Now vehicle transport is considered an essential service. If you are planning to transport your vehicle to another state, then you can hire a car transport service in Mumbai. If you have previously made an appointment, then recheck the moving details. If the move involves a large distance, then it is important to know the current status.  

2. Contactless Services: It is imperative to choose a vehicle mover who offer takes extra Covid precaution while moving the vehicle. Reliable vehicle transport services have trained staff who maintain social distancing during the entire moving process. It is important to understand the safety precautions that the company take for relocating your vehicle. If physical meetings are difficult, then you may co-ordinate with the team through virtual meetings.

3. Keep Safety Products Nearby: On the day you are moving your vehicle, it is important to take various safety measures. The moving guys will come with their own stock of sanitizers, gloves, masks and hand washes. You on your part can keep all these products.  

4. Delaying The Move: If you feel covid symptoms, or if neighbors or society members have covid, it is important to reschedule the move by informing the movers so that they can arrange to move your vehicle safely. Even if your area has some cases, the movers can still move your vehicle using stringent safety measures. However, it is important to inform the movers beforehand.

What To Do Before Moving Your Vehicle?

If you are transporting a car, you can sanitize it at the same time when you are placing the items to be transported inside. It is advisable to do this 24 hours before moving. Ensure the car is not touched by anyone for 1 day.

LAC Relocations offers the best car transport service in India. We have 25 years of experience as a logistics company. Due to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are considered one of the leading companies in India. Along with door-to-door transportation, we also take care of all the documentation. It is important to be wise when transporting vehicles, especially during a pandemic. Follow the above precautionary measures for safe vehicle transport.