We understand that pets are as much a part of the family and having to leave behind a pet while relocating can be painful. International pet relocation can be tricky. Therefore, we undertake pet transfers by making sure all paperwork is completed before the pet is relocated. That is why All special travel requirements, Custom and Medical regulations are taken care of by us. We will counsel you about the details of these requirements and regulations so that your pets can arrive at your desired destination safely. There are mainly two ways on relocating your pet, i.e. Accompanied and Unaccompanied.

Accompanied –When a pet parent decides to travel with their pet in the same flight and the pet must be booked as Excess/Checked/Accompanied Baggage.

Un-Accompanied –This is when the pet is booked by the airline as a cargo. At such times, the pet parent does not travel in the same flight. For any unaccompanied pet, the customs duty applicable is 33%* on the declared value on the pet.

*  Duty percentage subject to change with change in Customs Rules & Regulation. Kindly consult with us for


The following services can be provided while handling International or Domestic Pet Relocation –

Obtaining No Objection Certificate from Government Animal quarantine centers.

Preparing All Customs & Airline Documentation.

Providing tips and information to pet owners to prepare the pet for transit.

Coordinating with airlines and booking the pet on the best available route.

Coordinating with our network agents all over the world.

Door to Door movement of your pet

Providing service at any point of the day during pet transfer.

The Crate should have proper ventilation for the pet to breathe. The Pet should be comfortable whether it is standing or lying down in a natural position inside the crate. Below is the crate size prescribed by IATA.

Things to remember before planning your pet relocation –

  • Make sure that your pet is crate trained. We recommend crate training your pet by putting treats in the crate and leaving your dog in the crate for the time you are out. 
  • Rules and regulations of different countries with regards to the pets.
  • Consult your vet with regards to the different vaccination required.
  • Pet policy of different airlines.
  • Only 2 pets can travel under a single owner’s name whether the pet is booked as Accompanied or Unaccompanied Baggage into India.
  • It is compulsory for pets to have their Titer test done for all international pet transfer.
  • Get in touch with a Pet relocation expert.


It is said that a Vehicle and its owner always share a special bond. Transporting your vehicle anywhere around the world can be quite stressful. We at LAC Relocations understand that and give it our best to give you the best service possible by not only shipping your vehicle or Motorcycle conveniently to the final destination but also elevating your experience with safe and secure transportation.

We specialize in handling Import and Export shipment of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycle (old & new) to and from India, respectively. Vehicle & Motorcycle can be imported on payment of duty as well as free of duty under Carnet.

Custom Duty of Motor Vehicle is as follows –
New Vehicle will be 215%* on Declared Value [Notn: 050/2017-526A(2)(a)]
Used Vehicle will be 256.25%* on Depreciated Value

Custom Duty of Motorcycle is as follows –
New Motorcycle will be 103.5%* on Declared Value [Notn: 050/2017-531(2)]
Used Motorcycle will be 175.1%* on Depreciated Value


Since vehicles fall under the restricted category, LAC Relocations guide you through the complex import procedures and Custom Regulations.


*  Duty percentage subject to change with change in Customs Rules & Regulation. Kindly consult with us for better clarification.