Pet transport service in India

Complete Guide on How to Relocate Your Pets

While planning to relocate your pet across the country or across the world, various factors must be considered since relocating your pet to any location can be challenging.  


Here Are Our Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy During their move:  


1. Pay a Visit to the Vet 

For an International or Domestic move, you must visit your local vet 2-3 months before the relocation date and get them checked to ensure they’re healthy enough for the journey. A pet that’s under or overweight or experiencing other health problems may not be up for the long journey or will not be allowed by the Animal quarantine office and airline.  


2. Ground Transportation 

If a pet is being transported via a motor vehicle, it would be best to check the vehicle beforehand to ensure that no repairs are needed for the long journey ahead. Also, it is necessary to make sure your air conditioning will last. The duration of the trip is significant. Ensure your pet’s crate is kept in a shaded area within your vehicle. Consider wrapping it with a light-coloured sheet across the top of the crate to avoid unexpected sun exposure.  


3. If You’re Taking a flight

If you’re planning to relocate your pet via an Airline, pet relocation services in Mumbai like LAC RELOCATIONS, would provide the necessary information regarding any restrictions or requirements that an Airline may have. This is because airlines may change the requirement without any prior notice. 


4. Plan Properly for Food and Hydration 

If the weather is hot and your pet is travelling for an extended period, it’s even more important to plan the food and hydration well in advance. Even if there’s a long journey ahead, it’s best to avoid food for at least two hours before taking off to avoid tummy upsets. Dry pet food can be provided along with the pet so that the airline staff can feed it during layovers at airports. Ensure you keep your pet hydrated and water available during your trip.   


Thus, keeping all this in mind it is always convenient to choose one of the best pet relocation service providers in India like LAC Relocations who will always guide you with the following conditions. 


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