India as a country has a complicated Import and Export customs policy. With different policies, it becomes extremely stressful for any individual or organization to keep up with the constant changes. Therefore, as a licensed customs broker, we at LAC Relocations, make it our responsibility to be aware of all the customs policies by serving as official translators via communication with government officials and ensuring an efficient and smooth move.


More than 76 years / 7 Decades and 4 generations of combined legal experience, deep knowledge, and rapport with customs, port, and other protocol authorities has enabled LAC Relocations to provide stress-free, cost-effective, and speedy services to our clients.

As a licensed broker, we have the expertise to efficiently clear your goods in compliance with Indian Customs and Import Regulations. We ensure, that as our client, you get the maximum benefit from various tariff reduction programs. We handle all kinds of inbound and outbound shipments by helping you with product-specific government regulations in India.

Our Customs Clearance service for any of our clients at all major ports in India include –

LAC Relocations helps you calculate customs duty based on the specific commercial material being imported. As well as different benefits while exporting any material.

Managing the customs formalities at Origin and Destination port to avoid delay

Guidance with Product-specific clearance.

Guidance with all the documents in details

On time online Customs Documents Filing.

Timely update on the status of your shipment.


Transfer Of residence (TR) & Non-Transfer of Residence (NTR).

A person returning to India after staying abroad for a long period, should always consult his Relocation company about the Transfer of Residence benefit and consider using the benefit so that they can take advantage of relaxed customs duties. This benefit allows the importer to import their personal and household articles, free of duty and other few listed items, on payment of a concessional rate of duty. A person benefiting from the transfer of residence rule is not subject to any minimum stay in India.

A person can qualify for transfer of residence benefit if he/she has stayed abroad for a minimum period of 2 years immediately preceding from the date of arrival and the total stay in India in the 2 preceding years should not exceed 180 days. Also, he/she has not availed the benefit of Transfer of Residence in the past 3 years.