Custom Clearance Agents in Mumbai, India

Custom Clearance Agents in Mumbai

If you are looking for a sea import or export custom clearing agent in Mumbai, India you have come to the right place. At LAC Relocations, we pride ourselves on being the top Custom Agents in India. We handle our clients’ import as well as export shipments across any port in the world due to our extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the air and sea import/export procedures in India. In addition, we are experts in providing our customers with information on customs duty, air and sea freight, product sources and documentation and legal certification registration.

Our custom clearance agent in India prioritizes cargo’s safety till they reach their destinations. Since our inception in 1944, we have always served our clients with an aim to maximize customer satisfaction. We work hand in hand with government departments such as wildlife, textile committee, legal metrology, FSAAI, DGFT, A&Q, P&Q, WPC, BIS, and more.

Process of Custom Clearance in India

Once the shipment requirement is confirmed, our team gets in touch with the shipping line to make sure that the Import general manifest (IGM) is filed before the goods arrive. After verifying all the documents, the customs authorities assign the IGM number to the vessel. Thereafter, the shipment is unloaded from the vessel and goods remain with the custodian until the customs process is cleared, appointed by the Commissioner of Customs.

The cargo is unloaded only in approved places in the customs port aka Custom freight station (CFS), under the supervision of approved authorities during working hours. Our team then files a bill of entry (customs copy) electronically for goods on behalf of the importer and arrange for the clearance after paying the taxes, GST and duty. Finally, after getting all the documents verified, the importer receives their goods.

Customs Clearance For Household Goods

Transfer Of residence (TR) & Non-Transfer of Residence (NTR).

A person returning to India after staying abroad for a long period, should always consult his Relocation company about the Transfer of Residence benefit and consider using the benefit so that they can take advantage of relaxed customs duties. This benefit allows the importer to import their personal and household articles, free of duty and other few listed items, on payment of a concessional rate of duty. A person benefiting from the transfer of residence rule is not subject to any minimum stay in India.

A person can qualify for transfer of residence benefit if he/she has stayed abroad for a minimum period of 2 years immediately preceding the date of arrival and the total stay in India in the 2 preceding years should not exceed 180 days. Also, he/she has not availed the benefit of Transfer of Residence in the past 3 years.

How can LAC Relocations help?

India as a country has a complicated Import and Export customs policy. With different policies, it becomes extremely stressful for any individual or organization to keep up with the constant changes. As a licensed customs broker operating since 1944, we specialize in sea and air customs clearance. We at LAC Relocations, make it our responsibility to be aware of all the customs policies so that our team is able to deal with customer documentation, timely shipment delivery, prevention of delay in shipment, educating our customers with correct information, and utilizing advanced technology for their queries. Also, our customs clearance process in India complies with stringent regulations to provide reliable operational services. Moreover, our team of customs clearance agents and other legal experts offer customized business solutions for custom duty and time optimization.

More than 77 years / 7 Decades and 4 generations of combined legal experience, deep knowledge, and rapport with customs, port, and other protocol authorities have enabled LAC Relocations to execute solutions to complicated import-export trade compliance for positive outcomes, thanks to our varied experience with industries. For custom clearance services in India, we offer end-to-end solutions including the best route maps and documentation consultancy for adequate import and export customs clearance for shipment.

Our Customs clearance and freight forwarding agents rely on the cost-effective and efficient transfer of commodities, and we also provide exceptional and affordable pet relocation services in Mumbai.

LAC Relocations helps you calculate customs duty based on the specific commercial material being imported. As well as different benefits while exporting any material.

Our Customs Clearance service for any of our clients at all major ports in India include –

  • Managing the customs formalities at Origin and Destination port to avoid delay
  • Guidance with Product-specific clearance.
  • Guidance with all the documents in detail.
  • On-time online Customs Documents Filing.
  • A timely update on the status of your shipment.

Why choose LAC Relocations as Custom Clearing Agents in Mumbai?

We are one of the best logistics companies in India , we constantly monitor the import movement until they arrive at the container ports. As a licensed custom clearance agent in India, we prepare and submit documents required to facilitate imports and exports into the country, assist with the payment of duty, cargo guidance, and assessment after clearance.

We always remain committed to the trending customs regulations, procedures and policies, leaving you free to focus on business growth. Due to our transparent business policies and goodwill, reliability, honesty and efficiency, we not only ensure quick consignment clearance but also our clients remain loyal and revolving.

We always strive to provide the finest import custom clearance agents in India, collaborate with the best freight forwarders in Mumbai, and create a client-focused management system, comprehensive documentation, understand multiple commodities, utilize IT systems, in-house transportation, and utilize sales and operation (EDI, Desk IVR, and CRM).

FAQs about Custom Clearance Agents in Mumbai, India

Does LAC relocation help with paperwork for customs clearance?

Yes, LAC Relocations handles the customs clearance paperwork.

Which documents are required while importing goods for commercial purposes in India?

For importing goods in India, basic documents required are commercial invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading, Import & Export Code (IEC) Number license, Bank A.D Code letter, Goods & Service Tax copy, Authority letter to customs and shipping line, and Specific industrial license.

In case of household goods / Personal effects, can the goods be customs cleared before your arrival?

No, the importer must be present in India.

How long does it take for customs clearance in India?

It takes three to five working days for customs clearance in India.

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