Pet Relocation Services in India

LAC Relocations provides pet relocation services in India with our team of technical professionals with combined industry experience. We are well-equipped in pet and dog shipping with door-to-door services, where we offer our quality services beyond geographical borders. Our pet services are value for money, hassle-free and conform to quarantine accommodation. So whether you plan to go on vacations, job transfers or move to a different state or country, you will find us to be a trusted companion and comforter to your pet.

Thanks to our dedicated pet transport services in India, we ensure your pet’s safety and convenience apart from handling the paperwork. We understand that you can’t leave your pet behind, which is why we offer pet transport in India. Documents must be proofed and submitted to the proper authorities, which again come with multiple shipping restrictions. In all our years of experience, each pet travel has been a memorable experience. There are mainly two ways on relocating your pet, i.e. Accompanied and Unaccompanied.

Pet Relocation Services

Accompanied –When a pet parent decides to travel with their pet in the same flight and the pet must be booked as Excess/Checked/Accompanied Baggage.

Pet Transport Service in India

Un-Accompanied –This is when the pet is booked by the airline as a cargo. At such times, the pet parent does not travel in the same flight. For any unaccompanied pet, the customs duty applicable is 33%* on the declared value on the pet.

*  Duty percentage subject to change with change in Customs Rules & Regulation. Kindly consult with us for Customs Clearance India

International or Domestic Pet Transport Services in India by LAC Relocations –

Obtaining No Objection Certificate from Government Animal quarantine centers.

Preparing All Customs & Airline Documentation.

Providing tips and information to pet owners to prepare the pet for transit.

Coordinating with airlines and booking the pet on the best available route.

Coordinating with our network agents all over the world.

Door to Door movement of your pet

Providing service at any point of the day during pet transfer.

Why Go for Pet Relocation Services in Mumbai, India?

As pet moving services, we will be happy to take over the responsibilities of shifting your pet with you. You are free to concentrate on your arrangements while we study the import-export regulations in the country of destination. Some countries have a long-distance pet transport procedure, which is why we have unique accommodation for your pet. Once the formalities are completed, we offer guaranteed door-to-door services. We ensure secure pet transport in India and that they would remain safe and comfortable with us regardless of location.

We offer quality and affordable pet relocation services in Mumbai (domestic relocation, import and export), boarding facilities, pet products and veterinary clinics. In addition, as each pet has its requirements, we offer customised first class pet domestic or international relocation services.

On a logistical level, we handle the necessary certifications concerning your pet’s health. We provide crates for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and others, along with bowls, sippers and food. When you have entrusted the care and safety of your pet with us, you have no reason to worry about it. As aforementioned, we offer door-to-door and airport-to-airport relocation services for your pet so that they return to their families as soon as possible.

How Do We Relocate Pets?

At Lac Relocations pet transport service in India, we ensure that the pet is comfortable inside a crate for more extended periods. If they aren’t habituated to a crate, we familiarise them with the kennel with treats. We also leave the dog in the crate while you’re away, which eases separation anxiety and prevents stressful situations while travelling. We request client requirements regarding the pet, their age and breed, along with their origin and destination.

After receiving the basic details, we work on the travel options along with food, emergency and transfer needs. Once the documentation and reservations are done for your pet transport service in India, we must work with trusted airlines for a safe and comfortable journey.

Plan your pet relocation with us

With LAC Relocations, we offer quality and affordable best pet transportation services at discounts, offers and deals. We offer the most exemplary service possible with happiness and comfort, as we understand that pets are part of your family and deserve the best care possible. As we are a small team of pet-lovers, we value our customer’s trust and value over monetary value.

We remain committed to our cause and work with customers pan-India, who have always provided honest and satisfactory feedback. Thus, contact us for pet relocation services. Due to work, we have gained trust and recognition as long-distance pet transport services among our clients. We ensure that your pet receives the best care possible, even in the case of delays.

Things to remember before planning your pet transport in India:

  • The Crate should have proper ventilation for the pet to breathe. The Pet should be comfortable whether it is standing or lying down in a natural position inside the crate. 
  • Make sure that your pet is crate trained. We recommend crate training your pet by putting treats in the crate and leaving your dog in the crate for the time you are out. 
  • Rules and regulations of different countries with regards to the pets.
  • Consult your vet with regards to the different vaccination required.
  • Pet policy of different airlines.
  • Only 2 pets can travel under a single owner’s name whether the pet is booked as Accompanied or Unaccompanied Baggage into India.
  • It is compulsory for pets to have their Titer test done for all international pet transfer.
  • Get in touch with a Pet relocation expert.

FAQs about Pet Relocation Services in Mumbai, India

How can you transport pets in India?

Enlist the services of a pet relocations service such as Lac Relocation for affordable, safe and transparent service.

Is overseas transport safe for pets?

Pets are resilient creatures and can withstand overseas changes with proper food and water, care and lots of love.

What is the best means of transport for pets?

Air travel is the best for pets, as it takes lesser time and is highly secure.

What type of container should be brought for pet transport?

The pet must travel in an IATA-compliant pet crate, which must be large enough. It must be made of solid wood, plywood, metal, fibreglass or rigid plastics. It must be sturdy, offer good ventilation and have a secure locking system.

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