Shipments do not necessarily have to be of a large volume and even a small shipment holds a significant value to its owner. We understand that and therefore, we strive to get the shipment delivered to the final destination irrespective of the volume or size as fast as possible.

From shipment weighing as little as 1 kg, we arrange to get it picked up and delivered to any place of your choice around the world.

Be it Domestic or International, we make sure that shipments important to you are delivered the right way.

Our Courier Service Includes –
  • Pan India and Global reach.
  • Managing Documentation.
  • Flat rate for the dimension provided.
  • Pick up and Drop facility.


Even though you might have successfully relocated your household goods and personal effects but that is not enough. It is particularly important for an individual to relocate their lifestyle as well.

That is why it is important to put your trust in a company that is going to be with you at every step of the way. We at LAC Relocations, understand that.

That is why we not only help you move your personal belongings from one place to another but with our strong connections to experts in more than 100 fields helps you convert your house into a HOME as we believe that lack of information and unfamiliarity creates hesitations for you in a new city/country.

Orientation Service includes –
  • Property Search (Permeant/Lease for Individuals & Corporate)
  • School Search (Provide right advice on schooling for every age)
  • FRRO Search (Complete visa related assistance)
  • Cross-culture training (Helping you cross the language barrier)


Relocating to a new house? Moving abroad? Shipping commercial cargo? Storing your cargo or personal belongings? When you’re in need of international movers and packers, count on us to ensure your belongings.  With LAC Relocations by your side, offering you the appropriate insurance protection, you do not need to ever worry about any type of move.

Types of Insurance provided –
  • Relocation Insurance

  • Transit Insurance

  • Marine Insurance

  • Storage Insurance

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