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Your vehicle is a precious part of your life. When you are moving to another city, you want to make sure your bike or car is transported safely and efficiently without any hassle. We, at LAC Relocations, have been providing exceptional vehicle transport services to customers all over India for more than 76 years. Our expert staff, quality solutions, and commitment have made us the best car transport service in India.

 Whether you are looking to move your car or bike to another location or want to import or export the vehicle, LAC Relocations has got you covered. We know the process and legalities of vehicle transportation so that you can move your car or bike peacefully. We have been constantly recognized for the best bike transport service in India because of our customer-first approach.

Bike & Car Transport Process in India

The process to move your vehicle in India is quite complicated and frustrating. Knowing about that the correct vehicle documentation, insurance and submitting the applications to the right departments of the respected city you are planning to move to can be quite difficult. The process is even more complicated if you are importing a car or a motorcycle in India or exporting it to another country.

LAC Relocations takes care of all these hassles as we have a dedicated team that has in-depth knowledge of these procedures. We provide car transport service in Mumbai, import and export vehicles, and manage the entire documentation process to ensure you don’t have to worry about a single aspect of it.

Let LAC Relocations Help You

We are your perfect partner for the best bike and car transport service in Mumbai since we serve our customers with exceptional door-to-door transport services. door-to-door transport services to our customers.

 LAC Relocations follows the following process:

 ● Our team either conducts a physical survey of your residence or conducts a virtual survey to help understand your moving requirements.

● We guide and give you the best way to transport your bike or car to another location with the fastest delivery time and safest method of transport via railways, highways, ships to airplanes.

● We take care of the documentation and packaging of your vehicle to avoid any problems and damage.

● Our customer service team is always available to answer your questions and help you have a worry-free experience of moving your vehicle.

● We also provide you with a dedicated single point of contact for your import and export needs.

Why Choose LAC Relocations?

With 75+ years of experience as a leading logistics company in India. Our team is highly proactive and goes the extra mile to help the clients have a peaceful experience. Due to our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, LAC Relocations has become the best bike & car transport company. Our PAN India network and international affiliations ensures you always get the most professional solutions from us.


I am looking for a reliable car transport service in Mumbai. Can you help?

Yes. We provide door-to-door services for car transport. Please let us know your current location and the destination of moving and we will help you with the most economical and convenient mode of transporting your car.

Is a left-hand drive vehicle permitted in India?

Left hand drive vehicle is restricted.

What is the duty percentage for the import of Motor Vehicle or Bike?

Custom Duty of Motor Vehicle is as follows –
New Vehicle will be 215%* on Declared Value [Notn: 050/2017-526A(2)(a)]
Used Vehicle will be 256.25%* on Depreciated Value


Custom Duty of Motorcycle is as follows –
New Motorcycle will be 103.5%* on Declared Value [Notn: 050/2017-531(2)]
Used Motorcycle will be 175.1%* on Depreciated Value


*  Duty percentage subject to change with change in Customs Rules & Regulation. Kindly consult with us for better clarification.

What do I have to do for the car and bike transport?

You don’t have to do much as we will take care of all your worries. Just provide us with your current and moving address, vehicle details, and your desired delivery date and we will complete all the documentation and procedure. This is why we are the best car transport service in India.

How long does it take for the vehicle’s customs clearance in India?

It usually takes approximately 8-10 working days.

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