There are several reasons where people need assistance with storing their household goods. Whether it is an ongoing construction in their new home, delays in transit, or even an international relocation. At LAC Relocations, we help you arrange for storage facilities all over India. From storing your items for as short as 1 day to as long as one year or more, we arrange to provide both. Any kind of material can be safely stored in our large warehouses equipped with heavy cargo facilities. These warehouses are weather protected, free of pests, and adequately guarded by security personnel. We always aim at providing you the convenience, safety, and affordability you deserve while storing your goods. Our warehouses are well maintained, have 24/7 security, are well insured, and fully equipped with firefighting and safety equipment.

Different requirement requires different type of packing. When goods are being stored for a long period of time, it is important to be packed in a way that can sustain the natural wear and tear of the packing material. At the same time, it is important that the storage facility to provide climate control for the stored goods as improperly packed and stored goods can get damaged if exposed to moisture and extreme dryness. Using the right storage space too can help individuals avoid additional expenditures. At LAC Relocations, the professionally managed facilities ensure protection even during long-term storage.

Traditionally, it would mostly be only large corporations that would make use of the storage facility for various reasons. However, with time, that external storage is required by every individual. That is why we accommodate to their Short term and Long-Term storage needs by being flexible at every stage.

Key Points to remember while storing your goods –

Choose the warehouse or storage facility carefully

Visit the warehouse if possible.

Ensure the goods are packed properly.

Make sure detailed inventory is prepared.

Insurance is a must.

Our storage service includes
  • Storage for Individuals and Corporates.
  • Short-term storage on wooden pallets.
  • Long term storage in plywood liftvans.
  • Periodic Audits of stored goods.
  • 24×7 Security.
  • Preparation of detailed inventory.
  • Multiple Sizes of Storage space to suit your requirement.
  • Access to retrieve or replace goods.
  • Insurance for storage.
  • No minimum days storage period.
  • International Storage facility.


Transportation plays an important role in the Logistics world. A well-managed transport service plays an important role in taking any business to its successful point. That is why our trained task force with updated knowledge, the right number of resources, and extensive experience in this sector handles and delivers your shipment as per your requirements to the scheduled destination. As we realize how important it is to have your belongings with you in a new environment.

To meet a client’s complex transportation requirements, we provide a supportive and integrated technique so that we can efficiently fulfill all your day-to-day transportation demands. With the support of professional networks, we are able to fulfill demands in the stipulated timeframe. Furthermore, these speedy transportation services are available with us at market-leading prices. Having extensive networks not only in Pan India but also all Over the world helps us at LAC Relocations always provide a customized transportation solution.

Our Transport Service Includes –
  • Transportation using Small and Large vehicle.
  • Managing Documentation and Check post formalities.
  • Dedicated escorts to accompany your goods during transit.
  • Tracking your goods in transit.
  • Motor Vehicle and Motorbike transportation

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