Best International Movers and Packers in Mumbai, India

An airplane on an American design truck and two vans, all together with a globe and several cargo drawers. Allegory of international transport.

Moving is more than just relocating & International moving undoubtedly increases the amount of stress. A way that changes the lifestyle & livelihood, international relocating brings a lot to manage & plan for a smooth transition. As a thoughtfully curated solution for every essential of relocation, LAC Relocations’ International Shipping Company in Mumbai, India, help with efficient services.


Since 1944, LAC Relocations has extended its service line by offering complete moving solutions for people on the move by providing International Relocation services in Mumbai. Putting forward all the experience & expertise in the field, we strive to serve as the best International Movers in Mumbai, serving overseas with complete international moving solutions. Aiming towards making the process hassle-free services provide end-to-end services fulfilling the demands of systematic transportation, shipping & storage, and quality packaging, paying attention to the safety & security of all your possessions.

International Moving with Quality Packaging

Leveraging our years of comprehensive experience to make the moving process more manageable, we at LAC Relocations employ innovative packaging techniques and ensure a safe and secure operation. Taking utmost care of your precious possessions, we take utmost care while integrating the process end to end Relocation. It is no secret that resettlement far from home can be strenuous and challenging. Leaving you exhilarated, the fascination of shifting can turn tedious and exhaust you, affecting the preparation and quality of packaging. Hence, as a reliable solution, we at LAC Relocations proffer quality packaging & ensuring secured transit during the process. Solutions designed keeping the significance of quality in mind, we conduct thorough research of the location and its legal compliances to retain the import and export process adhering to the international moving etiquettes efficiently.

Understanding the importance of quality packaging during the process, at LAC Relocations, we make consistent efforts to enhance the quality by implementing the proper steps while paying keen attention and ensuring utmost safety throughout the process. The core packaging material equipped to make the movables ready for relocation includes boxes, bubble wraps, crates, cases, corners, thermocol, tissue papers, etc., to pack your possessions and protect them from every kind of internal or external harm during the process of relocation across borders.

International Relocation Through Worldwide Network

Understanding the exhaustion of moving and resettlement things, the “LAC Relocations” is considered reliable international movers in Mumbai, which provides zestful solutions to make the overseas settlement effortless and convenient. Without confining to the domestic regions, LAC Relocations now expands its services by functioning beyond international borders. In compliance with all the international relocation norms and requirements, we make it possible to begin the new journey with ease. Ensuring global transition through a vast worldwide network, we employ a diversified transportation network, equipped with advanced technology and a trained, qualified workforce to assist throughout the process. To make your move to your desired destination unruffled, we provide international relocation services perfectly rigged with all the essential features at affordable rates for domestic to global transition.

Benefits of Selecting International Shipping Companies

It is no secret that relocation is one of the most stressful tasks & asks for more than just moving & packing. Multiplying the amount of stress for international relocation, it asks for systematic planning & organizing before final execution. Understanding the challenges occurring for people on the move amid the resettlement overseas, international movers and packers in Mumbai, India assures convenient transition across borders. A way to make the process stress free & effortless, LAC Relocations’ International relocation services in Mumbai serve the proper purpose, making the experience less lousy & more pleasant. Safety, time-bound, convenient & affordable being the essence of our services, we take pride in offering top-notch services aiming towards making the lives more accessible by making the relocation smooth & comfortable.

LAC Relocations, one of India’s leading & oldest moving companies in Mumbai, provides several benefits like

  • Quality packaging for overseas relocation
  • Complete support during the whole process of relocation 
  • Shipping via seas & air
  • Insurance for cargo & freight shipping 
  • Warehouse & storage facilities 
  • Solutions for customs clearance 
  • Cost-effective services 
  • Saves time & energy

FAQs on International Movers and Packers

How can you plan international relocation with our international movers and packers' services?

Relocating or resettlement is not a simple task, it sweats the people involved making them exhausted especially when it is about managing the complete process. 

However, when planned systematically, movers & packers like LAC Relocations serving with International Relocation Services in Mumbai help with a swift process. The plan begins with finalizing the way of operation, ensuring transportation & warehouse safety, paying keen attention to the quality of packaging & keeping the process transparent for better tracking.

How long will it take to complete the whole packing and moving process?

The overseas relocation takes various routes. If you’re relocating your stuff overseas by shipping it via a sea, the estimated time it can take is about eight to ten weeks. If you are shipping it via air, you can expect it to be relocated in two to four weeks. Time may vary given the final location & transportation facility along with other arrangements like customs clearance, etc.

Why do I need insurance if everything is packed professionally?

International movers and packers take responsibility for the journey; however, it is not possible to cover everything during the transit. Insurance is a way to cover the risk factor in case of any uncertainty. Regardless of the precautions taken, some unforeseen circumstances cannot be dealt with. Hence, it is always beneficial to have insurance beforehand, even if everything is packed with utmost prevention in a professional manner.