Custom clearance procedure includes formulation and submission of the various documents needed for exporting and importing goods into the country, evaluation, payment of duty and delivery of cargo after clearance. 

It is important for commuters investors and other officials to go through the customs clearance procedure while importing or exporting goods from one country to another. This process has a few customs that need to be followed. The importer or exporter has to submit valid documents to clear this process. Here are some major steps that need to be followed for completing the customs clearance procedure in India. 

Bill Of Entry  

Bill of entry is the first step in the customs clearance procedure. The custom clearance agent in Mumbai like LAC Relocations will check all the paperwork for the shipment. After that, all the bills will be filed in 4 copies. Two copies for the customs, the third one for the importer and fourth one for the bank to make remittance. Thereafter, all the bills will be computerized. 


Assessment of Duties and Taxes 

Import fees differ depending on the type of goods, their value and import regulations in the country where the goods are imported. Imported duties are levied on goods that exceed the minimum value or the maximum taxable threshold for imported goods. For eg, a minimum value of Rs.2000 means that goods valued less than that incur no import duty. 


Customs Requests Payments of Taxes and Duties  

If the shipment exceeds the tax threshold, then the custom clearance agent India like LAC Relocations checks if the duty and taxes have already been paid. Certain goods incur fees irrespective of their value. At this point, the type of duty becomes relevant. 

  • Delivery Duty Paid (DDP): This means that the import duty and taxes have already been paid. Express courier services like FedEx have customs brokers who will make the payment on your behalf at the customs. With delivery duty paid, the shipping price you paid will cover the import fees which will be reflected in the shipping label. That is why, this is the best way to ensure a smooth customs clearance process. 
  • Delivery Duty Unpaid: This means that the import and taxes are not paid.  In such a case, the custom clearing agent in Mumbai like LAC Relocations will collect the required amount from the consignee directly. Since there are many variable costs, shipping DDU makes it difficult to tell customers the exact amount for shipping.  


The Shipment Clears Customs 

Once the customs clearance is complete, the delivery agent will transport the shipment from customs to the destination. It is imperative to know that all documents have to be in order before the clearance process can take place. Wrong or incomplete documents can cause complications at the time of clearance. 

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