What is the Difference Between Freight Forwarders and Custom Clearance Agents


With the increasing globalization of trade and the ever-growing complexities of international shipping operations, it is crucial to understand the roles and responsibilities of various entities involved in the process. Two such entities that often come into play are freight forwarders and custom clearance agents. While both play crucial roles in ensuring smooth customs clearance […]

Significance of Freight Forwarders in the Supply Chain

Significance of Freight Forwarders

In urban centres where efficient logistics is crucial, having the right freight forwarding services is essential. Businesses in India, especially those in international trade, highly depend on Freight Forwarding Companies for compliance and customs-related work. Experts in the domain, these companies manage the complex parts of shipping goods across borders. They ensure that goods cross […]

Everything You Need to Know About Air Freight

Freight Forwarders in Mumbai - LAC Relocations

In the global trade and logistics complexities, very few elements stand as prominently at the crossroads of speed, efficiency, and reliability as air freight. As an integral aspect of transport, Air freight has been around for decades and is widely preferred for its exceptional effectiveness and efficiency. A speedy and dependable way for businesses to […]

Is It Preferable To Handle Logistics Yourself Or Use Freight Forwarding?

Best Freight Forwarders in Mumbai

The logistics present in the shipment of luggage and goods from one particular place to another is taken care of by a freight forwarding supplier known to be a provider too. The role of the freight services provider is to take responsibility for preparing for all of the carriers and transportation necessary to get goods […]

7 major types and functions of freight forwarders that you must know

Freight Forwarders in Mumbai

The freight forwarder looks after the arrangements that are required for the international shipment of merchandise. They use their extensive knowledge of freight rates to offer the best package deals for the shipment. Freight forwarding companies in India look after booking freight, handling customs and export documentation, terminal and port charges and insurance. In accordance […]

How LAC Relocations Freight Forwarding Makes Transportation Easier?

Freight Forwarders in Mumbai makes transportation easier

Imagine you have to get goods from several countries. Without a freight forwarding service, you would have to do it all by yourself. After the industrial revolutionization, more trains and ships were complicating the itinerates. This made freight forwarders in Mumbai an essential part of the growing demand for transportation service.  The freight forwarders are […]

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