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7 major types and functions of freight forwarders that you must know

Freight forwarder looks after the arrangements that are required for international shipment of merchandise. They use their extensive knowledge of freight rates to offer the best package deals for the shipment. Freight forwarding companies in India look after booking freight, handling customs and export documentation, terminal and port charges and insurance. 

In accordance with the variety of specialized operations carried out within the spectrum of the profession the generic terms to define the services are a freight forwarder and forwarding agent. A wide range of services is provided by some of the forwarders while others offer particular geographical coverage or a specific specialty. Best freight forwarders in Mumbai act as principals or agents with varied legal consequences. 

Few functions of freight forwarders are as follows:

  • Advising export costs
  • Planning the relevant shipment route according to the type of goods in the shipment.  
  • Supervising the reservation and agreement of the cargo space. 
  • Contacting and advising transportation insurance on the client’s behalf and assistance in the event of an accident
  • Carrying out packing and loading procedures and advising appropriate ways of transporting the cargo. 

There are various types of freight forwarders in Mumbai who carry out different activities according to their title. The forwarders are obligated to carry out fixed activities as per the allowance to them as accredited by official registers. Depending on the levels of services listed below are the types of operators and agents differ in freight forwarders.

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC) or Consolidators

The functions carried out under this title include assembling or grouping diverse shipments from multiple customers to assemble full load containers, which allows freight rates to be lowered. Regular shipments on seafaring vessels are offered by a few consolidators which are not owned by them and are referred to as NVOCCs. 

MTOs- Multimodal or intermodal transport operators: 

One-stop shopping for traders is offered by multimodal transport operators. Owing to this they subcontract or outsource the export logistics to a single service provider. A door to door transport is generally offered by multimodal transport in which customs, insurance and warehousing are covered.   

Customs brokers

This group performs as exporter and importers agents to carry out processes such as customs declarations, paying taxes and duties and other formalities. At best freight forwarding companies in India & custom brokers are liable for enormous payments of fines and duties hence they are normally backed up by insurance companies or banks. The precise limits and directions provided to custom brokers by the traders to avoid risks in case of unexpected high tariffs make it uneconomical to deal with a specific shipment.

Port Agent: (airport, seaport, cargo terminal)

The transferring of goods is observed by the port agent from a point where the goods are shifted from one transport mode to another typically from a truck to an airplane or sea vessel. The port agent is representative of the shipper.  

Air freight agent 

The airline’s shipments are processed by air freight agents from the freight forwarding companies in Mumbai. They have the authority to issue air waybills. These agents often handle custom clearance.   

Road haulage brokers

Road haulage brokers act as mediators between shippers and road carriers mostly on a commission basis. Due to small service providers, a rapid increase in road transport is characterized. 

Loading brokers

The agents of ship owners that process and obtain cargo shipments are loading brokers. The loading broker represents the shipowner while the freight forwarder in India will represent the shipper. This is to ensure that there are two mediators between the transport provider and the customer.

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How LAC Relocations Freight Forwarding Makes Transportation Easier?

Imagine you have to get goods from several countries. Without a freight forwarding service, you would have to do it all by yourself. After the industrial revolutionization, more trains and ships were complicating the itinerates. This made freight forwarders in Mumbai an essential part of the growing demand for the transportation service. 

The freight forwarders are the only link between the owners and their cargo. One of the significant duties of the freight forwarders is to ensure that the goods reach swiftly and safely without any issues. Whether Air or Sea shipment, they appoint a dedicated staff which is responsible for looking after the shipments until it reaches the final destination.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons that show how freight forwarders make transportation easy.

Saves time and offers the best shipping solutions:

When you take services from freight forwarders in India, you can be rest assured that your goods are in the right hand, offering a swift commute. Without the freight forwarders, the task of transporting goods can be very hard. This is because all the management of goods such as negotiating the prices and finding the swiftest transportation will have to be done by you.

Having a freight forwarder to look after your goods will save you time and help you focus on the growth of your tedious tasks such as dealing with government agencies. Filling out forms and applying for permits will be looked after by the freight forwarders.

Saves money:

One of the most significant reasons for choosing the service is that it will help you save money by avoiding all the common pitfalls. While dealing with logistics, especially during transit on international borders, you will require much knowledge and experience. There should be proper strategic planning, knowledge, and expertise to get things done right as freight forwarders will manage everything. They have a team dedicated to handling the goods’ transportation. This will help you save a lot of money. Generally, when you are transporting your goods by yourself, your goods can get stuck at borders. This process is done after having to pay fines and charges.

A freight forwarder in such circumstances will ensure the goods are looked after and continue the transit immediately for the best results. In addition, they are well experienced with all the rules and regulations.

Ensures the safety of your cargo:

Once your goods are out, there is no chance of knowing how safe your goods would be. So having freight forwarding professionals like LAC Relocations to look after your goods will ensure their safety. Besides, they make sure that your goods are insured for the best results. They also offer additional insurance upon the insurance offered by the transporting company, which is remarkable and best while transporting goods.


The world of logistics is a complicated one and can be quite confusing. Hence, it is important to hire a professional and experience Freight forwarder in Mumbai like LAC Relocations to make sure that your goods are not only safe but also transported in the quickest manner possible.

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